Other Services

Photo Copying, Printing, and Scan

  • Print/Copy Black Short - ₱ 2.00

                                    Long - ₱ 3.00

  • Print Text Color Short -  ₱ 3.00

                                    Long - ₱ 4.00

  • Print Half Graphics Short -₱ 5.00

                                      Long - ₱ 6.00

  • Print Whole Graphics Short - "Depend on the size/pictures"
  • Picture 2x2 4 pcs - ₱ 40.00
  • Picture 4R - ₱ 10.00
  • Picture 3R - ₱ 7.00

Computer Setup (₱ 500)

Operating System Install

Want to have latest operating system running in your PC.? Let the experts do the job for you. Our technicians provide a complete installation/repair with the driver and software updates.

PC Setup

PC Setup service will make the computer hardware and periperal setup trouble free. Our technicians will set up your computer (including but not limited to; your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers), install one software application and one external peripheral device, setup your existing internet configuration and one existing e-mail account and optimize your computer performance.

Software Install

Get the updated software for your compuer with this Software Suite Installation service for PC. Jemerlind Technician will install or modify and configure one software on your computer. We also add convenient shortcuts on your desktop and on your quick launch bar for easy access. Software not included with this service.

Software Suite Install

Prevent your home/office PC from malicious web traffic with this software suite installation service for Mac and PC. Our technicians will install/repair, configure and update antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, web browsing and antipishing software. We also create desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts for your convenience and easy access. Software not included with this service.

Diagnostic & Repair (Virus & Spyware Removal)

Get your computer ready for action with this diagnostic and repair service. We will find and solve any operating system issues, remove viruses and spyware and optimize your PC for improved performance.


Rate below are subject to be discuss:


Server Setup and Configuration 

  • Software installation of Advance Windows Server and LINUX SERVER(SME, CENTOS, ADVANCE SERVER)
  • Raid hardisk setup.
  • Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, DFS, IIS, RDP, RAS, MS SQL DATABASE, ETC.

Network Setup LAN/WAN

  • Network design LAN AND WAN
  • Structured cabling, such us installation of network cabinet, patch panel, network panel, crimping, tagging, etc.

Cisco Switches and Routers configuration

  • Manageable configuration of the routers and switches with full security
  • Ethernet - setup INTER VLAN, VTP, ACL, STP, etc.
  • Internet - NAT, VPN, IPSEC VPN, ACL, Routing protocol, etc.

Firewall Setup

  • Filtering the packets inbound and outbound.
  • Log any traffic that passes through by recording the information from packets that pass through or that it discards
  • Internal treats to keep the attacker out.